Carole Di Tosti

Carole Di Tosti, Ph.D. PROFESSIONAL WRITER, EDITOR. I write articles for e-zines and blogs.

Carole Di Tosti, Ph.D. is a writer, journalist, novelist and poet. Carole Di Tosti, currently writes reviews and articles for Blogcritics. She has published 310 articles on Technorati. Carole Di Tosti administers three blogs: The Fat and the Skinny about cultural views and wellness, A Christian Apologist's Sonnets, and All Along the New York City Skyline a blog reviewing NYC events.. Carole Di Tosti has been referenced in three ethnography books, two by Margo Ely. Carole Di Tosti has written a novel and a non fiction work about the culttural ethos of appearance and beauty.

Carole Di Tosti's Background

Carole Di Tosti's Experience

Global Entertainment Writer at Carole Di Tosti's Linchpin

2017 - Present |

Entertainment Travel Writer

Entertainment Journalist at Theater Pizzazz

October 2015 - Present |

Reviewer of Theater and Film: NYC

Reviewer, Writer at Blogcritics

2013 - Present

Reviewer, Writer

Reviewer, Journalist, Editorialist at All Along the NYC Skyline

November 2012 - Present

Write articles about NYC and regional events

Photo Journalist, Advocacy Editorialist on Wellness and Health, Essayist at The Fat and The Skinny

2011 - Present |

Journalist, essayist, advocacy writer on wellness and health.

Poet at A Christian Apologist's Sonnets

1970 - Present


News Correspondent at Technorati Media (archived)

August 2011 - June 2013

Journalist, Essayist, Writer

Carole Di Tosti's Education

New York University

1989 – 1993


SUNY Albany

1966 – 1974


Concentration: English, Art, Theater

Carole Di Tosti's Interests & Activities

Writing, Poetry, Narrative Non Fiction, the Dramatic Arts, the Fine Arts, Bridge, Tennis, Foodie, Cooking, Gardening, Cultural Issues,