Carole Di Tosti

Carole Di Tosti, Ph.D. PROFESSIONAL WRITER, EDITOR. I write articles for e-zines and blogs.

Carole Di Tosti, Ph.D. is a writer, journalist, novelist and poet. Carole Di Tosti, currently writes reviews and articles for Blogcritics. She has published 310 articles on Technorati. Carole Di Tosti administers three blogs: The Fat and the Skinny about cultural views and wellness, A Christian Apologist's Sonnets, and All Along the New York City Skyline a blog reviewing NYC events.. Carole Di Tosti has been referenced in three ethnography books, two by Margo Ely. Carole Di Tosti has written a novel and a non fiction work about the culttural ethos of appearance and beauty.

Carole Di Tosti's Background

Carole Di Tosti's Experience

Photo Journalist, Advocacy Editorialist on Wellness and Health, Essayist at The Fat and The Skinny

2011 - Present |

Journalist, essayist, advocacy writer on wellness and health.

Poet at A Christian Apologist's Sonnets

1970 - Present


Reviewer, Journalist, Editorialist at All Along the NYC Skyline

November 2012 - Present

Write articles about NYC and regional events

Reviewer, Writer at Blogcritics

2013 - Present

Reviewer, Writer

News Correspondent at Technorati Media (archived)

August 2011 - June 2013

Journalist, Essayist, Writer

Entertainment Journalist at Theater Pizzazz

October 2015 - Present |

Reviewer of Theater and Film: NYC

Global Entertainment Writer at Carole Di Tosti's Linchpin

2017 - Present |

Entertainment Travel Writer

Carole Di Tosti's Education

New York University

1989 – 1993


SUNY Albany

1966 – 1974


Concentration: English, Art, Theater

Carole Di Tosti's Interests & Activities

Writing, Poetry, Narrative Non Fiction, the Dramatic Arts, the Fine Arts, Bridge, Tennis, Foodie, Cooking, Gardening, Cultural Issues,