Hi, I'm Carole Di Tosti. I'm a writer who sees the things that most people miss and writes about them with prescience.

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Carole Di Tosti, Ph.D. is a writer, Entertainment Journalist, playwright, film and drama critic, Drama Desk Voter, novelist and poet. Carole Di Tosti, currently writes cultural reviews (film, theater, art, New York Botanical Garden exhibits) interviews and articles for Theater Pizzazz, NYC Skyline, Blogcritics and other sites. She has published 310 articles archived on Technorati with over 1800 works online. Carole Di Tosti administers three blogs: 'The Fat and the Skinny on Wellness' which includes essays and articles on the physical, psycho-social and spiritual health and wellness. She administers 'A Christian Apologist's Sonnets,' and All Along the New York City Skyline a blog reviewing NYC events from theater to film festivals to art exhibits and wine tastings. Carole Di Tosti's research for her dissertation on Educational Whistleblowers has been referenced in three ethnography books, two by Margo Ely. Her paranormal thriller 'Peregrine: The Ceremony of Powers' is on sale January 2021 on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.

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Writing, Poetry, Narrative Non Fiction, the Dramatic Arts, the Fine Arts, Bridge, Tennis, Foodie, Cooking, Gardening, Cultural Issues, Wellness, Social Advocacy.